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Success at the “How to work with Global Tier 1s in ASEAN” on November 22nd, 2018 from 08.30am – 7pm

On?November 22nd, 2018, the Thai-European Business Association (TEBA) held its one of its biggest events last week titled “How to work with Global Tier 1s in ASEAN”. The seminar and networking session?was attended by almost 100 participants from?several companies that are a part of the?Automotive?manufacturings sector as well as other Tier 1/2/3 companies.?The seminar sessions detailed several ways that a company can adapt, overcome obstacles, and evolve in the fast-paced Auto Industry?and?how one can work with the Industry leaders of today to?gain?an edge over the competition. We were also honored?to be joined by Khun?Jiraporn Kaewkrison, the?Chief of Vehicle Regulations Section, Automotive Engineering Bureau from the Department of Land Transport (DLT) and Khun?Thanawat Koomsi...

ThaiGerTec wins the prestigious Prime Ministers Award for “Best Digital Service”

ThaiGerTec is a part of developing next generation cars based on hybrid technology and battery electric vehicle and also developing innovative charging technologies and quick charging infrastructures for full electric cars in Thailand.

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